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Assisting our community is part of our life’s journey—whether we work in the non-profit or corporate world.

We are volunteers, parents, philanthropists—local partners committed to a better and more just tomorrow for all children. We believe that nothing truly great is accomplished alone. Every person in our network has something to give. We are never satisfied, never settled. We know we have more to give, and more needs to be done. Most importantly, we believe it can be done.

Where others see insurmountable problems, we see potential. Prayer Bear works directly with dedicated doctors and emergency personnel to improve human lives. Operating programs at carefully selected sites and responding quickly to emergencies, we are astonishingly effective. Our actions are concrete, designed to fulfill urgent needs. We are in constant contact with our network of medical colleagues to ensure that we are achieving our goals. The results are extraordinary.


Our story began on 5 September 2016 when 19-month-old Edrik Spies had a drowning accident after falling into a dam.


Upon the arrival of emergency medical services, Edrik received Advanced Life Support treatment. He was airlifted to a hospital in Johannesburg, where he underwent specialized treatment, including a suit that lowers his body temperature for 72 hours to prevent any further brain damage.

Edrik spent 15 days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), receiving the best care for his condition. Thankfully, Edrik had a full recovery and is now a healthy, energetic little boy. We were fortunate to have medical aid, ensuring Edrik received the necessary treatment for a complete recovery

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Prayer Bear began next to Edrik’s bed in the PICU. Edrik received a teddy bear from a close friend, and as we received Bible verses from people, we started to write them on the bear. This teddy bear never left Edrik’s bed.

Every child matters. Accidents can happen to anyone at any time, and not everyone is in the fortunate position to have medical cover.

Prayer Bear was founded to assist those who find themselves in similar situations and don't have the means or funds for the appropriate medical treatment.

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